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3 Pop-Up Blockers You Should Consider

Browsing the Web without some extra protection for your browser is just asking for trouble these days. It’s not just about the occasional annoyance – sometimes pop-ups can have much more malicious purposes than to just serve you ads, and they may try to infect your computer with viruses among other things. Running a tool to block them is pretty much mandatory nowadays, and there are some good solutions to choose from. If you’re not sure where to start, here are three great blockers that work on Chrome and will do a great job.

1) uBlock Origin

Hands down the best solution for both pop-ups as well as all-around browser security nowadays, uBlock Origin has been around for a while and it has a solid reputation on the market. Many people like it for its open nature and the responsible attitude of its developers, and the extension is also very lightweight and suitable for older computers. Best of all, it gives you a great degree of customization and flexibility, and allows you to easily tweak various settings, including on a per-site basis. That way you can choose to leave ads running in some places where you find them appropriate, and kill them everywhere else.

2) Pop up blocker for Chrome

Don’t be fooled by the generic name – this is actually a great extension with a lot of followers who use it actively. Some might find it a little rough around the edges, but it still gets the job done, and it does so much better tan the majority of tools on the market. It’s a little specialized in its purpose too, so don’t expect any fancy bells and whistles – blocking pop-ups is pretty much all this tool does.

However, it does that with some advanced techniques which you won’t find in other solutions on the market, resulting in a much better success rate. Modern pop-ups have gotten quite nasty and creative, and sometimes they can still slip through your defenses when you’re blocking JavaScript and things along these lines. Not with this extension though.

3) AdBlock

A lot has been said about AdBlock, and some are currently skeptical of the tool due to certain events in its past, but that’s all behind it now. The truth is that AdBlock is actually a very reliable and respectable extension that does a good job keeping pop-ups at bay, while it also doesn’t drain your system’s resources too heavily. Just make sure you get the right version, as there have been some conflicts with different developers.

Other than that, you’ll find it to be a great addition to your browsing experience, and something that can give you a great degree of extra safety on the Internet. You’d be surprised how much lighter your surfing can be when you don’t have to rush to the corner of the screen to kill yet another pop-up all the time, and it can really transform the way you see various websites and the Web as a whole. And with AdBlock, it’s as simple as a few clicks.

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